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HueHearing Reviews

“When I first read the Huehearing reviews, I didn’t know to believe them or now. But once I got it, I love it so much I would really like a second pair for when we travel just in case I lose one of them. They are fantastic. “

Pamela G.

“My wife wanted to to go to a doctor of audiology. When I went to the doctor he tested my hearing and said it was moderate to severe hearing loss in both ears. I purchased the best inner ear hearing aids that was offered by this doctor. They were even custom fit to both my ears. The total cost was several thousand dollars. They worked very well but after 3 years, my right hearing aid quit. I returned to the doctor and was told the warranty was out but I could purchase another hearing aid for a much much lower price. It made me think that I had paid thousands for a hearing aid that he would replace for less than $300. I declined their offer and ordered Huehearing inner ear hearing aid for my right ear. The Hue hearing aid , in my right ear, is just as good as my left ear aid that cost thousands of dollars. It actually felt the same in my ear as the custom fit one did. It really does aggravate me that I gave thousands for my first hearing aids. That ain’t happening no more!!!! Thanks Hue hearing for finally offering an affordable inner ear hearing aid. 👍👍😀😀”

By East T.

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Three Main Differences Between Cheap And Expensive Hearing Aids

You may see hearing aids that are the same style but have drastically different prices.

At first glance, they may appear to be very similar or the same. You’ll likely notice a significant difference if you try two different pairs.


Firstly, the appearance of expensive hearing aids is often more aesthetically pleasing than those that are cheaper.

Many people do not use hearing aids due to their appearance, even though some may think paying more for an improved appearance is absurd. You should try out a few and see which is most comfortable.


Features also affect the price of a hearing aid. Many high-quality hearing aids such as come with Bluetooth technology, which can be used to connect your hearing aids directly to your television, computer, or even phone.

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Have You Experienced Hearing Problems Lately?

As we age, we can sometimes have hearing problems. But at times, we may have hearing issues earlier in life. This can be troubling. It’s difficult to understand why this happens and the symptoms can be worrisome.

Maybe you’ve recently become aware of phantom noises, such as ringing or buzzing in your ears. The first step is to make notes about any recent changes in your life. You can discuss this with a family member, your doctor or simply make some personal notes. Try to determine the answers to these helpful questions:

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